Loved our speakers? Join us for our upcoming Lab workshops!

Week 1: Design Thinking Workshop

 A period of exploration and research into societal problems, and identifying a problem worthy of solving.

Week 2: Finding a solution you want to go after

 Devising a viable-solution oriented project

 Time management and self-care

Week 3: Identifying your skill set and leadership style

 Using a personality or skill assessment to identify leadership styles, leverage skill sets, and balancing with others

Week 4: Power & Privilege

 A conversation on power, privilege, and oppression – how to be mindful when developing and implementing your project

Week 5: Working with a team/consensus building 

 Reaching consensus, conflict resolution, and navigating difficult conversations

Week 6: Fundraising & Leveraging your network

 Learn how to get that dough!

 Who is in your network? How can you reach your network? Expand your network? What is networking etiquette?